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Container Exchange

Container Exchange can be used to exchange Onyx-internal data (images 2D/3D, slides, …) by online or offline file export/import.
On container file import, the container content is imported into the mandant of the sender. If not available yet, the mandant is created automatically.

Container Creation

Containers can be created on different ways. Before creating a new container, the previous container content should optionally be deleted:

Creation from patient list by drag and drop onto the container icon:


Creation from image album on tab |Images| or tab |Presentation|:

Creation from a module project:

Containers can include multiple patient records and findings. If created in a module, only the patient/finding related to the saved project will be included and sent/uploaded.

Container Export

Containers can be exported locally or online by different menus.

Export from main menu:

Export from patient tab icon menu:

Export from icon menu tab |Images| or tab |Presentation|

By selecting the Edit/Send menu entry, the cointainer content is displayed and can still be edited, password protected, logo labeled etc.

I saved locally, a file save window is opened. If uploaded, the file upload options are provided. Export of module-created containers is only possible by upload immediately by saving the project.

For upload, all partners will be listed in a button panel which can receive containers via their own incoming server. The configuration is done by each Onyx user on system options tab |Upload/Incoming| and transferred by container. I.e., if a container was imported from another OnyxCeph³™ use before who had set up his own FTP server connection, such button will be displayed for the user.
Button [OnyxOnline] will aöways be available. This button allows to transfer the container by an Image instruments FTP server and to address the receiver by an email address.

Container Import

Containers are imported by main menus item Communication. If the container is available locally, the file open dialog should be used to import the container file. If the container is available for download from an FTP server, the corresponding code (usually received by email) has o be copied to the FTP import dialog:

In case the container was created and sent from a module project directly, the contained finding with project will always be opened and displayed in the corresponding module directly.
Otherwise, the container import screen is shown. There, it is still possible to modify/edit the content for import.

A history for all exported and imported container files is available on main menu item [Communication|Container Exchange|Protocoll]

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