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Support Categories

The following support categories are distinguished:

Category Content Provided by Status
Software maintenance Provision of updates and upgrades Image Instruments obligatory
Technical support Provide technical support on designated topics Distributor optional
User support Provision of user support Supportpartner optional

User support

Provided by support partners

License packages do not include training or user support. The dedicated training in the use of the software which is required acc.to its indication for use and medical purpose as well as user support can be obtained from the designated support partners. The costs charged for this are determined independently by the respective support provider.

Software maintenance

Provided by Image Instruments

Software maintenance includes the provision of

  • Updates
  • Upgrades

Software maintenance is generally provided by Image Instruments and costs a uniform annual fee of EUR 99 plus VAT per license package, regardless of license type, program version, and license scope. The maintenance fee is also charged for multiple licenses.
If the Software was purchased through a reseller, the reseller will charge these costs to its end users and will remit this amount to Image Instruments as part of its annual billing.

Technical support

Technical support comprises the two subject groups Level 0 and Level 1 support:

Level 0 Support

Provided by distributor / reseller

  • Server installation
  • Client installation
  • Server-Client-connection
  • Establish PMS interface
  • Establish IMS interfaces (2D/3D)
  • Software activation request
  • Software activation
  • Renew/extend license
  • Database backup
  • Software update
  • Database migration

Level 1 Support

Provided by Image Instruments

  • Installation of patches
  • Other system settings
  • Database restore
  • Troubleshooting / Error messages

The respective vendor is responsible for providing technical support (level 0 support) as the initial contact.\\. The extent to which he charges annual or one-time fees for this is up to his own decision,
For problems that cannot be solved in this way and for further technical support (Level 1 support), Customer may contact Image Instruments.

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