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User Support | Training

Please note that Image Instruments does not provide user support. You are welcome to submit user support questions via email. These will be answered or forwarded to training partners depending on available capacity.
For online or in-practice support, please contact our teaching partners directly. Üöease note that these facilities are not affiliated or partner companies of Image Instruments and work at their own expense.

 OSC Kranzusch | Düsseldorf 
 André Kranzusch 
 W https://osc-kranzusch.de
 E osc.kranzusch@gmail.com 
 P +49 171 5759110   
 Orthorobot Medizintechnik GmbH | Wien 
 Christian Url    
 W https://orthorobot.com 
 E url@orthorobot.com 
 P +43 1 911 363815   
 3dfish | Heide
 Hendrik Fischbach, Kieferorthopäde
 W: https://3dfish.de
 E: info@3dfish.de
 P: +49 0481 74045
 OC France | Paris
 Dr. Akim Benattia, Orthodontist
 W: https://onyxceph.fr
 E: contact@onyxceph.fr
 P: +33 624 7443 97

If you have purchased OnyxCeph³™ through a distributor and have entered into a contract that includes user support in parallel with your purchase, please contact your distributor first.

Technical Support

Technical Support

If you have purchased the software license directly from Image Instruments, please contact Image Instruments for questions related to installation, licensing, and setup of the software, as well as for technical problems.

 Image Instruments GmbH 
 W https://image-instruments.de 
 E info@image-instruments.de 
 P +49 371 9093 140   

Office hours:

 Monday - Thursday:   9.00 am - 5.00 pm  
 Friday:              9.00 am - 2.00 pm  

If you have purchased the software through a distributor, the distributor is your contact for such questions. He is also obligated to charge you the annual maintenance fee for updates and upgrades and to forward it to Image Instruments.

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