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How to translate a topic

Translation is supported by the Translation Plugin. At the moment, we only support DE und EN. All DE pages are located in the main namespace, all EN pages in namespace (folder) EN - see also Übersicht

Thus, it is possible to created/edit a new or existing topic and then translate this topic by selecting the other language in the language selection box on top of the left sidebar by creating the translated page.
However, the translated pages needs to have the identical html page name - e.g. for page Translation:

Link EN: [[translation|Translation]] >> Link DE: [[translation|Übersetzung]]

By selecting another language, also the OnyxWiki website user interface will be translated automatically by the UI Language Plugin

Hint for the creation/translation of sidebar topics

To create and translate a non-existing sidebar topic, open page sidebar in the EN namespace and replace the related topic link by adding the corresponding DE page name:

Link in en:sidebar: [[Add Image]] >>-ändern-in->> [[Bild hinzufügen|Add Image]]
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