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The OnyxCeph³™ Windows™ software is a native network application developed by Image Instruments for patient- and case-related management of 2D and 3D image data that can be used for diagnostic, planning and consultation purposes in the course of orthodontic treatments. Over the past 20 years, OnyxCeph³™ has established itself as a standard application in many orthodontic treatment facilities worldwide. read more

OnyxWiki is intended as an open search and information platform for OnyxCeph³™ users and interested parties. The articles are primarily written by staff and partner institutions in English and German. Important articles are linked in the sidebar, other topics can be found via the full-text search of the search function. read more

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A Specification Functionality, purpose, program versions, features …
B Installation System requirements, installation, setup, updates, upgrades, backup, moving database, uninstall …
C Licensing License types, license request, license renewal, license transfer …
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E Settings System options, INI settings, skins, splash …
F Support Technical support, bug reports …

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