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Main Window Tab |Letters|

Main program Tabs

PatientImagesPresentationLettersFormsOnlineRecycle Bin

The |Letters| tab allows generating, patient-related saving or printing of individual pre-defined letters for patients or colleagues.

User Interface

Letter Templates

For generating and managing of letters, whose contents refer to diagnostic information or planning details of the database, pre-defined layout drafts can be selected from the [Forms] pull-down of the |Letters| tab. The linked images are displayed in the panel right of the preview area. The items pre-selected can be replaced by alternative images of the same image type by means of the [Select Image] button. The [Preview] button below the image list opens the letter with the image data selected in the preview panel at the left. If there are editable text fields in the layout, they can be completed or edited in the preview mode by the help of the text options above the preview area.

The letters displayed in the preview window can be directly printed by the [Print] button or saved in the database under the layout draft's and the current date by the [Save Data] button. Already saved (completed) letters can be displayed and edited by the icon button [Open]. In addition the saved letters appear in the document tree on the |Patient| tab and, similar to all other entries, can be directly called there.

There is no context menu on the |Letters| tab work space.

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