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Graphic boards

When working with 3D models, the graphic card of the client computer plays an important role. While OnyxCeph does work with products of various manufacturers, the following list gives an overview and a classification on the most popular series of graphic boards.

The graphic cards are divided into

  • those which are not suggested to use with 3D,
  • those fulfilling the minimum requirements and
  • those well suited for future features of OnyxCeph

(Graphic Driver Update) describes how to check and update the current state of the graphics driver on a client computer.

Manufacturer Minimum Suggested
NVidia Geforce 8er Series, Quado x700er (Modells 2007) Geforce 400er Serie, Quadro xxxxM (Modells 2011) and better
AMD HD-2000er Series (Modells 2007) HD-5000er Series (Modells 2009) and better
Intel HD 2000, 3000 (Modells 2010) HD 4000, 2500 (Modells 2011) and better

Main critieria for this classification is the OpenGL version supported by the most current driver. OnyxCeph allows faster visualization starting with OpenGl 3.1 and is going to use features from OpenGL 4.0 in the near future. More information and details can be found here:

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