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Module Bonding Trays 3D

First Steps

  1. Fine adjust points which have been automatically placed at the brackets
  2. Select bracket frame or housing and parameters according to the print material
  3. Compute the trays, export 3D using the object list
  4. Save as project and new finding

Module user interface

Examples for Bracket Clamp Design

Classic sleeve (hull) for rigid material with 0 % Rotation for common pull-off direction for all brackets. Hull für elastic material with 100 % rotation acc. to the bracket (and 50 % thickness). Hull for very elastic material with large slot overlap and additional cap at the end of the hull Classic Kylix ring for bracket placement. Increase the thickness for more stable 3d printing. Hull with reduced width and short Kylix ring for better accessibility of bracket and glue

Examples for Tray Design

bondingtray_klassisch.jpg bondingtray_thin.jpg bondingtray_thinp.jpg
Standard tray design with block out for better fit Tray with thinner occlusal area for easy removal. Added two bridges for optiinal cutting Tray with planar occlusal contact surface for direct 3d printing

Parameters of Bracket Clamps "Sleeve"

Parameter Description Standard
Overlap Slot Height of the clamp over the slot in direction occlusal or along the bracket 0.5 mm
Rotation Alignment of the bracket box acc. to the bracket geometry (0 % means a common direction for all brackets, best for taking of the tray, 100 % means most individual fit to bracket without common direction for all) 0 %
Thickness Relative thickness of the clamp, has not effect on the fit around the bracket 100 %
Distance to Bracket Additional offset to the bracket, 0.1 mm is more loose, -0.1 a too tight fit 0.0 mm
Cap Height Height of optional cap from buccal side 0.0 mm (off)
Width Width relative to bracket for thinner hull 110 % (full)

Parameters of Bracket Clamps "Kylix"

Parameter Description Standard
Thickness of base ring Thickness of the frame below the bracket base, use 0 mm to disable this inner frame 0.5 mm
Thickness of kylix ring Thickness of the frame around the bracket base, contour can be designed for selected bracket(s) 0.5 mm

Parameters of Tray

Parameter Description Standard
Distance to crown Perpendicular Distance of the tray to the crown surface (i.e. in all directions) 0.05 mm
Thickness Thickness of the tray 0.60 mm
Block out Strength of blocking while constructing the tray, features smaller than the chosen size are reduced 0.00 mm
Contact Surface Create a planar surface using different criteria for easier printing none
Precision Resolution of the tray geometry, has no influence on the fit of the brackets 50 %


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